Wednesday, June 9, 2010


When I came to this beautiful place, I instantly fell in love with it. And then like all other things in life, I have neglected it for so many days now. True I have given too many excuses of why not writing blogs or why just not writing blogs. Truth is I am just not finding my way with words just about now. Another truth is that so many things have happened in few past weeks that a lot many things have taken a back seat and my mind is preoccupied with too many "What if's and "What not's". But just few updates that I want to share

#Aman becomes totally self-dependent(Me not sure if its"Self-dependent" or "Self-independent")

After five years of endless scuffles with so many different individuals, me finally have rented a flat on my own. Yes, the famous(in-famous) great-great SURJ### is no longer my room-mate. I wish I could have shared some adventurous story of him and me falling apart but unfortunetly no such thing happened. We just decided to move to our own flats and enjoy the last few remaining years of being totally-absolutely-single(at least his)!!!!!

#Aman buys a new refrigerator

If you are single, got a drinking problem and not happy with your job then you know how important a refrigerator is for you. There are three main reasons for buying a refrigerator

1. You need chilled BEER
2. You need CHILLED beer
3. You NEED chilled beer

Misclleneous factors are : Ready availability of Ice-cubes, ordered food can be stored and consumed for atleast 5 days and sometimes if the summer is getting to summary for you you can store your socks in it as well. For that chilled out walk!!!!

#Aman got his new pc

Finally and I mean finally, I have my pc. After so many false promises to so many people, failed timelines and hopes of getting it all started once I get my pc, I have finally got it. I know that now the promises for getting a internet connection at my place will start. But now the getting of pc can make ou hopeful that eventually I would get the internet connection too.......cheers and tears!!!!!!!

#Aman's new house is almost finished

It started off as my dad's dream project and is on the verge of becoing a reality pretty soon. We have got two floors of 165 yards built area now and the process of making a house into a home will soon commence. Drums.....laughter ............loads of cheering!!!!!!

Me going of for another biking trip. Hopefully by the time I come back, I'll have my internet going steady and will be available on the blog all the time.(Fingers crossed)

Parting notes : I tweeted this today. Just wanted to share it here too

"What goes around, comes around". I think the guy who coined this....maybe he was wearing a belt around his waist when he thought of this line....!!!!!????? and then suddenly another thought came to me. The guy who thought of "The projectile Law" : What goes UP, eventually, inevitabily comes down......................what was that guy doing???????!!!!!!!!!!